Nadezhda (Nadya) Kagan.

The Artist & Professional sculptor.

Born on November 18, 1960 in Russia.

- From 1984 -1988 studied at the University of Moscow (dep. of Painting and Graphics).
- Displayed art work at the student art exhibitions.
- Got a higher technical education in 1983.

-In 1993 worked as a sculptor(wax modeling, bronze) at the art studio “Omanoot” of Alone and Zaretsky (Haifa, Israel).
- In 2002, 2004 the bronze prizes to the winners of Acre’s International Festival of the Alternative Theater were carried out.
- In 2000 created the decorations for the play of V. Fienberg ,”The Dog” (“Moadon-ha-Teatron”, Haifa, Israel).
- In 1992 the artist , with her husband and son moved from Russia to Israel .
-From 1984-1992 worked as an artist at the Art Theatre and Folk Theatre.
Performances and shows decorated by Nadya got a lot first awards at the theatrical festivals of such towns as Vladimir, Ryazan, S - Petersburg .

- Years 2000-2003 annual group exhibitions in Acre’s City Hall, Israel.
- Years 2000-2004 annual group exhibitions in Haifa’s “House of Artist”, Israel.
- Years 1995-2000 permanent exhibitions in “Omanoot Gallery
(Jerusalem, “Hyatt Regency”), Israel.
- From 1983 to 1989 displayed artwork at the student art exhibitions.
- The sculptures by Nadezhda Kagan are displayed in Israel’s art galleries and are residing at private collections in Israel, Canada, USA, Poland, and Russia.
Nadya Kagan has been a member of the Israeli Painters and Sculptors Association, since year 2000.

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